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2021-09-15 柏拉圖 来源:区块链网络

The background of Plato

Plato is a project initiated by the Plato Group registered in the British Virgin Islands and the Plato Foundation in Singapore to change the problems of injustice in the blockchain industry today.

The core of Plato and the Plato Consensus

The whole Plato overall can be divided into two core parts, namely Plato decentralized exchange and Plato decentralized lending

Before realizing the two core issues of Plato, Plato Group and the Foundation developed the Plato Consensus in order to accumulate enough user volume, and the main purpose of Plato consensus is to accumulate an infinite number of users; large Home all know that in today's society, no matter in all walks of life, only enough users can produce unlimited value and achieve great undertakings.

Plato's founding team believed in this and initiated the Plato Consensus.

As for the Plato consensus, it is very clear in our version 1.0 white paper, which is not being told.

We mainly talk about Plato to the central exchange and Plato's go to the center lending.

Plato DecentrExchange (DEX)

The concept of decentralization and decentralization believe that everyone should understand what it means, like the well-known fire coin Exchanges, okex exchanges and currency security exchange, they are all centralized exchanges, and then like last year's sudden uniswap can be called decentralized exchanges;

As we should all know, the disadvantages of centralized exchanges is that the light ones transfer user assets arbitrarily, and the heavy ones directly roll away users' assets, especially the exchange running event has emerged in an endless stream. These behaviors have had an extremely serious impact on the whole industry and hindered the normal and orderly development of the whole industry.

In this context, industry leaders have thought about the corresponding strategies, such as developing the DEX exchange (decentralized Exchange) to deal with, but although developed DEX type exchanges such as uniswap, justswap, currency Ann intelligent chain, Huobi ecological chain, although solved the problem of exchange volume run and arbitrary transfer of assets, but derived another and more serious problem —— fraud projects emerge in endlessly; because these DEX type exchanges have no threshold;

This is why Plato has such a DEX type exchange on the market to enter the DEX to develop the DEX exchange, because our eyes are not only the star sea but also the safety of users and the health of the industry Exhibition;

As for how to solve our Plato decentralization exchange to truly achieve decentralization and solve the low threshold problem, we will reintroduce it below.

Plato Decentered Lending (defi)

With Plato's decentralized exchange before, let's talk about our decentralized lending (DEFI).

I believe many people are eager to use USDT but because they buy all their USDT or assets, Ethereum and other virtual currencies that the potential is great, and do not be willing to sell, what to do at this time?

We, Plato, launched the lending business,

Lending the whole process After blockchain smart contract control, for example, you pledge your bitcoin to our lending platform, we lend you the equivalent price USDT, with low interest as long as the timely USDT and interest can redeem your mortgaged bitcoin, so that you do not sell your own bitcoin, but also get working capital.

The whole lending process is controlled by smart contracts, and no one can conduct any operation, which greatly guarantees the safety of the lending assets.

Similarly, if there is lending, there is financial management, Plato will release the amount of lending, for some risk assumption Users with low power will make financial income.

In short, Plato's defi is a platform combining lending and financial management.


A real development direction of Plato was introduced above, and if you may have said so much, you will have a question, that is, what is the role of BORT in the current Plato Consensus platform.

In addition to the role mentioned in the White Paper on the Plato Consensus Platform, its main role is to solve the problem of horizontal fraud projects that cannot be solved by DEX type exchanges.

If your project wants to go into the Plato decentralized deal If the transaction is made, you must hold enough BORT as a margin, and the larger your market value should randomly follow the BORT value, so that the project side of these projects will suddenly withdraw funds with the market value of the project in the later stage, bringing the value of the project to zero instantly.

The second is that BORT can be used in Plato's lending, such as credit for interest generated from borrowing or directly using BORT for mortgage USDT.

To achieve the two core goals of Plato, we plan to go in four steps;

Step 1,2021 In the beginning of 20 years, the whole Plato was planned

The second step, in the middle to late 2021, the whole Plato consensus requirement is to reach 1 million or more users,

The third step, launching the Plato decentralized Exchange BORT DEX; in late 2021 to early 2022

The fourth step will launch the Platonic lending platform BORT Defi! in late 2022