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2021-07-22 MPM 来源:区块链网络

Big Next Step For Doge Back Token

In an exciting move, the Doge Back team have announced today that they will be creating a secondary token, which will join the “Doge Back Ecosystem”.The Doge Back token created waves when it was released, the unique feature of paying out holders dividends in the form of DogeCoin being a huge success in the eyes of its holders.ETHBACK (EtherBack), a brand new token, will ensure that investors do not feel Doge Dack is cannibalised, as the team works their contract magic to again use unique Tokenomics to not only keep the buy back feature, but instead to pay dividends in the form of Doge Back, but also in Ethereum.

This “waterfall” effect will ensure that Doge Back holders will see an increase in volume and therefore more dividends of DogeCoin, whilst those investors who aim to hold EthBack are likely to see the good dividend returns experienced by Doge Back holders.

One of the Core Team commented “ We’re excited for the potential of building out this ecosystem, which encourages investors to hold for longer periods to obtain multiple dividends. We’ve always been committed to the long term goal and vision of the project, and this next step cements that.”

The original Doge Back token has created a wide amount of interest already, with DogeCoin Creator Shibetoshi Nakamoto showing an interest in the project, probing the team over the unique dividend mechanics on twitter in recent days, and now is a holder of DogeBack too.

Partnering with new portfolio tracking app Peachfolio, the team show no signs of slowing down.

Doge Back代币的下一步大举动

在一个令人兴奋的举动中,狗背Doge Back团队今天宣布,他们将创建一个二级代币(支持币)加入 "Doge Back生态系统"。Doge Back代币在发布时掀起了巨大的波澜,它以向狗背Doge Back投资者发放大狗币DogeCoin支付红利的独特功能在持币者眼中是一个巨大的成功。

ETHBACK(以太背),一个全新的二级代币,将确保不会让投资者觉得Doge Dack被吞噬,因为团队坚持并进一步拓展了他们的智能合约,再次使用独特的Tokenomics,保留了回购功能,同时以Doge Back的形式支付分红,不仅如此,ETHBACK(以太背)还支付以太币作为分红。

这种 "瀑布 "效应将确保Doge Back持有者将看到数量的增加,从而获得更多的DogeCoin红利,而那些旨在持有EthBack的投资者可能会看到Doge Back持有者经历的良好红利回报。

项目方核心团队成员评论说:" 我们对建立这个生态系统的潜力感到兴奋,它鼓励投资者长期持有以获得多重红利。我们一直致力于项目的长期目标和愿景,我们的下一步举动将会巩固这一点。"

最初的Doge Back代币已经引起了广泛的兴趣,DogeCoin的创造者Shibetoshi Nakamoto对该项目表现出兴趣,最近几天在twitter上就独特的分红机制向团队探询,现在他也是DogeBack的持有人。