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2021-04-08 老苏-八卦区块链 来源:区块链网络

Thank you for your Following to our latest AMA.?I am Miranda, your host tonight! Tonight we have the Dan Edlebeck CEO of Exidio, Peter Mancuso COO of Exidoi & Srinivas Baride CTO Exidio with us. Welcome.

感谢大家关注三元社区最新一期的AMA,本期Miranda邀请到了Exidio CEO- Dan Edlebeck, COO Peter Mancuso和CTO Srinivas Baride.

Thanks: ChainNews, Winkrypto, Tokenview, PANews, and Ternary Capital for their strong support for this event.

感谢:链闻ChainNews、Winkrypto、Odaily星球日报、PANews、Tokenview、三元资本TernaryCapital 对本次活动的大力支持。

About Sentinel

Sentinel is the network layer for the development of dVPN apps built on Cosmos-SDK based architecture. Instead of centralized VPN companies that collect user information, Sentinel is an open-source, encrypted, peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace for anyone to use. People can use secure VPN applications or make passive income offering bandwidth to the market.


Sentinel是区块链时代的安全去中心化VPN,是基于Cosmos-SDK架构开发的dVPN应用网络层。与中心化的收集用户信息的VPN公司不同, Sentinel是一个开源、加密、点对点的带宽市场,任何人都可以使用。用户也可以通过向市场提供多余的带宽获得被动收入。

1、 ? ? ? ? 先请嘉宾为我们做一个简单的自我介绍和项目介绍吧~

Q1: First question, could you introduce yourselves and also the Exidio project ?

Dan Edlebeck:?I’m Dan — CEO of Exidio. I first got involved in crypto while serving in the United States Peace Corps in Costa Rica. I began a personal journey discovering personal finance and understanding traditional markets and quickly went down the crypto rabbit hole. I have always been a follower and early adopter of emerging technology, so it was a natural fit. It’s been a great five-year journey since!

大家晚上好,谢谢你们的邀请!我是Dan, Exidio的首席执行官。我初次接触加密货币是在哥斯达黎加的美国和平队工作的时候。之后我便开始探索个人理财和传统金融市场,然后很快的投入到加密货币领域。我一直是新兴技术的追随者和早期采用者,所以我觉得我进入加密领域也是很自然的搭配。之后便是一个伟大的五年旅程!

Peter Mancuso :Hi, thank you for having us here today! I am Peter, the COO of Exidio, the software company building on Sentinel. I have over 12 years of experience leading diverse teams and bootstrapping companies, I have worked both cross-functionally in pre-revenue and Fortune 500 companies. @DanExidio introduced me to Exidio and Sentinel during our MBA program in Boston. Excited to be here with everyone today!

谢谢大家!我是Peter, Exidio的首席运营官,Exidio这家软件公司建立在Sentinel之上。在带领团队和创业公司方面我有超过12年经验,我也曾就职于世界收入和财富前500强公司。在波士顿的MBA课程中@DanExidio介绍我认识了Exidio和Sentinel。我今天也很高兴能和大家一起来到这里!

Srinivas Baride : Hi, I am Srinivas Baride, working as CTO at Exidio. I am from India and have 4+ years of professional experience in development. Worked on multiple things including Backend, frontend, cloud, Blockchain, dApps etc.

各位好,我是Exidio的首席技术官Srinivas Baride。我来自印度,在开发领域有4年以上的专业经验,前后负责过包括后端,前端,云,区块链,dApps等多个项目。

2、能和大家聊聊你们是怎么认识的吗?是怎么与Exidio和 Sentinel结缘的呢?

Q2: So my next question is : How do you three know each other, and how did you get involved with Exidio and Sentinel?

Srini:?Thank you for asking. I have been working on the Sentinel dVPN protocol since its inception in 2017. I have been an early and consistent contributor to the code base. I worked with lots of different developers as we scaled the project. I knew Dan from the Sentinel community and saw he was always very active. In 2020, we knew that we needed to have a long-term vision for the project and for the project to have a legal company that was building on top of it. Dan and I decided it was time to form a company to be able to ensure that any other company could integrate seamlessly on top of the Sentinel network. As Dan finished his MBA, we worked to get Exidio off the ground. Dan knew Peter from his MBA program and recruited Peter to come on as our chief operating officer. It's been less than 8 months since we incorporated Exidio and we have already accomplished a ton to date!

感谢提问,我是从2017年年中开始着手于Sentinel VPN项目。我也一直是代码库的早期和长期的贡献者。在开发和扩大项目规模的过程中,我与许多开发者曾一起合作。我是在Sentinel社区遇到了Dan,他在社群总是很活跃。2020年初,我们意识到Sentinel需要拥有合适的团队和合法的公司,才能获得长期的成功。于是Dan和我决定成立一家公司,以确保其他公司能够在Sentinel网络上无缝集成。Dan和Peter是在MBA课程上认识的,之后他邀请Peter担任我们的首席运营官。到目前为止Exidio成立还不到8个月,但是我们已经完成了很多了不起的工作!

3、接下来能请Dan Edlebeck谈一下 是基于什么样的一个目标创立的呢?

Q3 Thanks Dan, can you share with us why Exidio is created at the first place, and its vison and mission?

Peter Mancuso: Exidio will be working with entrepreneurs as well as existing centralized VPN organizations to implement and customize dVPNs on top of the Sentinel dVPN protocol. You can see the structure

这个问题很棒,Exidio 会和很多公司以及现有的中心化VPN机构合作,在Sentinel dVPN协议的基础上实现和定制dVPN。大家可以从下面的图表查看他的构造here:

4、我想有些小伙伴可能会疑问Exidio和 Sentinel到底是什么关系呢?

Q4. I know some of us today are wondering what is the relationship between Exidio and Sentinel, can you enlighten us on that?

Peter Mancuso: Exidio, where the three of us work, is the software development company building integrated applications leveraging the Sentinel network. We can create custom apps for anyone that wants to establish their own decentralized VPN.


Sentinel is the network layer for the development of dVPN apps built on Cosmos-SDK based architecture. Instead of centralized VPN companies that collect user information, Sentinel is an open-source, encrypted, peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace for anyone to use. People can use secure VPN applications or make passive income offering bandwidth to the market. There are many contributors to the Sentinel code base, Exidio is just one of them. Live network stats can be found here: https://stats.sentinel.co/

Sentinel是基于Cosmos-SDK架构开发的dVPN应用网络层。与中心化的收集用户信息的VPN公司不同, Sentinel是一个开源、加密、点对点的带宽市场,任何人都可以使用。人们可以使用安全的VPN应用程序或通过向市场提供带宽获得被动收入。Sentinel代码库有很多贡献者,Exidio只是其中之一。可以在这里找到在线网络数据:https://stats.sentinel.co/


Q5. How will Exidio generate revenue? How does Exidio think that the Sentinel Ecosystem can improve and accelerate its growth?

Dan Edlebeck: Currently, dVPN applications built on Sentinel’s network include over 250,000 downloads on the Google Play store. We have had great traction and we have seen a nice blend of crypto native and non-crypto native users. Imagine if an application owner could charge $5 per month per user — we are looking at one of the most profitable blockchain-based dApps that is able to cater to a mainstream audience. The integration fees for the development and customization of applications for businesses will be completed by Exidio. And the network fees will be captured by node hosts as well as token stakers. More applications that Exidio builds on the Sentinel network will equal more networking payments for node hosts.

目前,基于Sentinel网络的dVPN应用程序在谷歌Play store的下载量已超过25万次。我们已经看到了加密原生用户和非加密原生用户的完美融合,这点对用户来说有着很大的吸引力。想象一下,如果一个应用程序可以向每个用户每月收取5美元——那么这将是一个非常盈利的能够迎合主流用户的区块链dapp。Exidio将负责应用程序开发和定制的集成费用,节点和代币质押人将会获取网络费用。所以建立在Sentinel网络上的应用程序越多,对于节点来说,网络收益也就越多。

For users, it will be very beneficial because they will have access to a provably encrypted, secure VPN. Centralized players cannot claim this. And the cost of using the network for VPN will be extremely competitive as node hosts will have to compete for offering a fair value for the bandwidth they offer.


The App itself is on the Google Play Store and Apple iOS.


6、第六个问题想问问Exidio的CTO Srini, 能和大家分享一下你们的团队如何参与Cosmos生态的吗?

Thank you Dan. My next question is for Exidio’s CTO, Srini. How do you and the Exidio team plan to contribute to Cosmos?

Srini:Sentinel got introduced to the Cosmos ecosystem in the early/mid 2018. We are proud to say that we are the one of early adopters of this amazing ecosystem.


We have competed against the big organizations in the Game of Stakes and as well as in Game of Zones. We won the uptime category in the GoS and won 2/3 major categories in GoZ.

在于Game of Stakes(赌注游戏)和Game of Zones(区域游戏)这些大型组织的竞争中,我们赢得了Game of Stakes的uptime类别,以及GoZ.2/3的主要类别。

We have developed multiple Cosmos SDK compatible modules for dVPN marketplace and bandwidth sharing. So anyone can use these as libraries. We also developed an on-chain multisig management library so signing and approval happens on-chain which is more user-friendly than off chain multisig accounts.

我们已经为dVPN市场和带宽共享开发了多个Cosmos SDK兼容模块。所以任何人都可以使用这些模块库。我们还开发了一个链上的multisig管理库,使链上签名和审批,这比链下的multisig帐户更友好。

Over these years we have found multiple bugs which are reported and fixed.


We have some interesting ideas to prevent the on-chain spamming and better ways to index the onchain data. We are looking forward to collaborate with Tendermint and the Interchain Foundation (both important and respected? infrastructure entities with Cosmos ecosystem) to move this initiative forward.

在防止链上垃圾邮件以及索引链上数据我们也有一些有趣的想法。我们期待与Tendermint和Interchain Foundation(两者都是Cosmos生态系统中重要且受尊重的基础设施实体)合作,推动这一倡议。

We are currently part of the interNFT protocol designing and development. We are also coworking with other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem other than Sentinel. We cannot announce all of those detail yet. Expect updates on our involvement in ongoing collaborations soon!



Q7: What do you think will be the biggest challenge in the future? How would you overcome it?

Or How does Exidio bring more users to the Sentinel Ecosystem?

Peter Mancuso: The biggest challenge for decentralized VPN is the adoption. Sentinel adoption with dPVN products currently has over 200,000 users across the globe. This includes many users in China and the Middle East and Africa as well as Europe and North America. We are seeing incredible growth in adoption! However the adoption asymmetry is already very large between centralized VPN companies and the Sentinel dVPN.

去中心化VPN的最大挑战是用户采用。但是Sentinel 的dPVN产品目前在全球已经拥有超过20万用户,这包括中国、中东、非洲以及欧洲和北美的许多用户。我们看到了令人难以置信的增长!然而中心化的VPN公司和Sentinel去中心化dVPN用户使用数据差距还是很大的。The biggest opportunity for Sentinel to gain incredible adoption is for decentralized VPN node hosts to continue to grow on the network offering bandwidth. As more note nodes offer bandwidth, they will be generating revenue and also growing the supply side of the network. As the supply side grows, it will be easy to grow the demand side as there are many people that want to build their own VPN companies on top of the Sentinel dVPN protocol.? This is truly how the Sentinel network can scale to millions and millions of users worldwide!

能在短期内获取这么多提供带宽的去中心化VPN用户和节点,这点对我们来说非常出乎意料。随着带宽提供者的增多,他们的收入也会增多,需求和供应也会同样增多,这样的话也会有越来越多的人想要在Sentinel dVPN协议上搭建自己的公司。这就是Sentinel如何能够在全球范围内发展到数百万用户的真正原因。


Q8:? Can you share with us the roadmap of Exidio and your next plan?

Dan Edlebeck? : Currently, Srini is focused on assembling and leading a world-class team with significant blockchain and networking expertise that has the ability to fully execute on Sentinel’s ambitious roadmap. Above is a copy of Sentinel roadmap, and our team at Exidio will be working hard to help complete most, if not all of the item in 2021.? It is an ambitious roadmap!


One of the biggest items Sentinel’s roadmap was to complete the mainnet launch which happened on the 27th of March.? Coindesk covered the piece nicely: https://www.coindesk.com/sentinel-decentralized-vpn-protocol-cosmos-mainnet


In addition, Exidio will be looking to onboard more dVPN applications on top of Sentinel’s network.? We currently have a backlog of five companies that would like our help either switching their centralized VPN architecture to a decentralized VPN on Sentinel or some individuals our entrepreneurial and want to start their own dVPN company and need technical support from our team.


AND in the immediate future -- in 24 hours! Sentinel will begin trading live on MXC!!

另外还有一个非常重要的消息,而且是在接下来的24个小时以内发生的。Sentinel 将很快上线抹茶交易所。

很感谢今天的分享,我们也了解到很多关于Exidio和 Sentinel的信息~接下来就是我们的社区提问环节啦

Thank you for your wonderful answer. Next is the community questioning session, please feel free to bring up your questions for our guests today.

Q1: When will the project go online?

Peter Mancuso:?It is on mainnet and the trading begins tomorrow!

You can use the applications now on Android or iPhone. Already over 200,000 active users more than almost any other blockchain based application!


Dan Edlebeck:? Sentinel launched on mainnet this past weekend, the 27th of March, so we are live!? Sentinel dVPN applications have been live for a number of years as well

主网上线的时间是3月27日,上周。我们的dVPN 也已经上线好多年了,有大量的真实用户

Q2:? How much activity does our project community do?

Peter Mancuso:?You should join our telegram groups or see on Twitter!! It's a lot!!

I think many social sites Sentinel is a top 30 mentioned blockchain project even though it is ranked #443 on Coingecko

可以来我们的电报群,关注我们的twitter账号,大家可以看到我们社群的活跃用户。我觉得在所有的区块链项目的排名中我们应该能排到前30, 进款在coingecko上我们的排名才443.

Q3: Are there any exciting plans for the later stage of the project?

Peter Mancuso: Absolutely!? Sentinel has a large roadmap and our team at Exidio will be chipping away at it as much as we can :D? I think for Exidio, we are trying to onboard as many other VPNs on top of Sentinel’s architecture during this year.? Sentinel is not just one dVPN, but a framework for other centralized VPNs to switch over to a decentralized model.? Currently we have five companies looking to integrate with the Sentinel architecture.


Q4: What other user incentive plans are in the future?

Dan Edlebeck: So the token has benefits both as a staking token -- very good 49% APR to stake!

It is also a work token so 20% of ALL of the network fees for dvpn bandwidth will be earned and distributed back to the token holders.

This is a strong and unique token economic model.

代币可以参与staking——年利率约为49% !



Thanks guys for your long-term supports, we’ll continue to provide you with outstanding assets and products. Thanks again for having me here tonight. Have a great night.