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2021-11-16 三元区块链 来源:区块链网络

感谢大家关注三元社区最新一期的 AMA,今晚我们有幸请来 Grant Reistad 欢迎 !

Thank you for your Following our latest AMA. My name is Sunny and I will be your host tonight! Tonight, we have the honor to invite Grant Reistad with us.

Welcome Grant Reistad!

感谢 : 链闻 ChainNews、、Odaily 星球日报、PANews、Tokenview、三元资本 TernaryCapital 对本次活动的大力支持。

Thanks: ChainNews, Winkrypto, Tokenview, PANews, and Ternary Capital for their strong support for this event.


Be quiet, everyone, let's start today's activity


Please refrain from speaking in the first session, and please actively raise your questions in the second session.

首先我们有请 Grant 来为我们详细解答下关于 Vee 的问题哈~

First of all, we have asked Grant to answer our questions about Vee in detail.

1. Welcome Grant\, can you introduce some of your own experiences first? In addition\, can you tell us about the situation of the Vee team?


Grant Reistad:

Hello, everyone. I am Grant Reistad, and I lead the marketing team at Vee.Finance. I have a veteran of the banking industry and worked for financial institutions such as GE Capital, GE Money, and Discover Financial.

大家好。 我是 Grant Reistad,我领导 Vee.Finance 的营销团队。 我是银行业资深人士,曾就职于GE Capital、GE Money、Discover Financial等金融机构。

The Vee.Finance team consists of blockchain practitioners from the world’s top financial technology companies with years of banking experience.

Vee.Finance 团队由来自全球顶级金融科技公司的区块链从业者组成,他们拥有多年银行业务经验

Tejas Shinge, is our CEO, who has served in USAA, Capital One, Discover Financial, Wells Fargo, and other well-known financial institutions, has been working in the field of consumer retail finance.

Tejas Shinge,是我们的CEO,曾任职于USAA、Capital One、Discover Financial、Wells Fargo等知名金融机构,一直在消费零售金融领域工作。

Jason Huang, is our CTO, has been leading teams of engineers in solving the most challenging problems in blockchain smart contracts and distributed systems. Before joining VEE Finance, Jason Huang has served Bell Labs/HP/Microsoft where he performed numerous engineering roles for more than 16 years.

Jason Huang 是我们的 CTO,一直带领工程师团队解决区块链智能合约和分布式系统中最具挑战性的问题。 在加入 VEE Finance 之前,Jason Huang 曾在 Bell Labs/HP/Microsoft 任职超过 16 年,担任过多个工程角色。

2. Can you give us a detailed introduction to Vee Finance's multiple mining methods?

可以给我们详细介绍一下Vee Finance的多重挖矿方式嘛?

Grant Reistad:

All actions contributed by users on Vee.Finance are considered for mining rewards, including:

用户在 Vee.Finance 上所有操作都被视为挖矿奖励,包括:

Liquidity Mining. Users who supply assets on Vee.Finance will receive interest and mining rewards. For borrowers, although they need to pay interest on the borrowed funds, the rewards mined will be enough to cover the cost of borrowing. It is worth mentioning that Vee.Finance launched a stable coin pool, which is more friendly to users who prefer low risk and can even use revolving borrowing to increase leverage and magnify returns.

流动性挖掘。 在 Vee.Finance 上提供资产的用户将获得利息和挖矿奖励。 对于借款人来说,虽然他们需要为借入的资金支付利息,但开采的回报将足以支付借款成本。 值得一提的是,Vee.Finance推出了稳定币池,对偏好低风险的用户更加友好,甚至可以使用循环借贷来增加杠杆和放大收益。

Farming. Users are rewarded when they provide liquidity in the Farm pool, and currently VEE-USDT.e has an APR return of over 400%. In addition, since the pool is provided by Pangolin, users will get rewards with both VEE and PNG. It is worth mentioning that we have launched an event to invite friends to farm on Vee.Finance to receive airdrops, and welcome your active participation.

农业。 用户在Farm池中提供流动性即可获得奖励,目前VEE-USDT.e的APR回报率超过400%。 此外,由于池由穿山甲提供,用户将获得 VEE 和 PNG 的奖励。 值得一提的是,我们在Vee.Finance上推出了邀请好友种草领取空投的活动,欢迎大家踊跃参与。

- Staking. VEE token holders can stake VEE on Vee.Finance and get rewards. We have worked out a strategic staking rate for VEE holders, which comprises 4 stages of stake.

- 90 days Yields 10% of your VEE in stake

- 180 days Yields 25% of your VEE in stake

- 360 days Yields 50% of your VEE in stake

- 361+ days Yields 200% of your VEE in stake

Users can withdraw their staked tokens at any time, and the reward rate is calculated by the number of days.

3. Why is Vee Finance so optimistic about the Avalanche ecology and choose to develop on Avalanche? Will it support other public chain projects in the future?

Vee Finance为何如此看好Avalanche生态,选择在Avalanche 上开发 ? 后期是否会支持其他公链计划?

Grant Reistad:

Compared with other public chains, Avalanche is extremely scalable and has a great performance of over 4500 TPS; the confirmation time is fast, and the gas fee is extremely low, making it a more friendly environment for most users. In addition, Avalanche has been working hard to build the DeFi ecosystem, which is beneficial to Vee.Finance's development.

From the perspective of market development, Avalanche ecosystem is also growing rapidly, including applications on multiple tracks such as wallet, DeFi, layer2, cross-chain, storage, NFT, stable currency.?This also provides a wealth of users and asset categories for the future development of Vee Finance and we will deploy more public chains in the future.从市场发展来看,Avalanche生态也在快速增长,包括钱包、DeFi、layer2、跨链、存储、NFT、稳定币等多轨应用。 这也为Vee Finance的未来发展提供了丰富的用户和资产类别,未来我们将部署更多的公链。

4. Is the safety and convenience of user funds guaranteed on Vee Finance?

Vee Finance是否保证用户资金的安全性和便捷性?

Grant Reistad:

The security of Vee.Finance is our highest priority, and the team focuses on building a protocol that is reliable and safe. We are happy to share the measures we have taken to ensure the safety and security of the funds in our platform.

Vee.Finance 的安全性是我们的首要任务,团队专注于构建可靠和安全的协议。 我们很高兴分享我们为确保平台资金安全而采取的措施。

- Security audit. Vee.Finance smart contract code has passed the security audit by SlowMist. And SlowMist not only audited the smart contract code but also did a complete audit of all security-related steps.

安全审计。 Vee.Finance 智能合约代码已通过慢雾科技安全审计。 而慢雾不仅对智能合约代码进行了审计,还对所有与安全相关的步骤进行了完整的审计。

- Oracles. Vee.Finance has fully integrated with Chainlink to power the Vee.Finance price oracle network and the crypto pool currently support the top tokens that Chainlink provides price feeds, making it impossible for attackers to manipulate the price of BTC or ETH.

数据库。 Vee.Finance 已与 Chainlink 完全集成,为 Vee.Finance 价格预言机网络提供动力,加密池目前支持 Chainlink 提供价格馈送的顶级代币,使攻击者无法操纵 BTC 或 ETH 的价格。

- Monitoring the on-chain and off-chain activity. We have updated our services to continuously monitor the suspicious activities in the pool and arranged dedicated personals to monitor the backend 24/7. Once there is a suspicious fund transfer, we will immediately trace the source and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the fund platform.

监控链上和链下活动。 我们已更新我们的服务以持续监控池中的可疑活动,并安排专职人员 24/7 监控后端。 一旦出现可疑资金转移,我们将立即追根溯源,采取相应措施,确保资金平台安全。

- Internal testing. Before going live, we had performed all unit tests in detail internally, testing all functions and implementable scenarios so that the attacks will not succeed.

内部测试。 在上线之前,我们已经在内部进行了详细的单元测试,测试了所有的功能和可实现的场景,使攻击不会得逞。

With these measures taken, we are very confident that Vee.Finance is safe and secure, welcome every one of our supporters to use it and enjoy the VEE rewards.

5、Vee Finance 与其他借贷平台相比,有什么不同之处?作为用户选择 Vee Finance 的理由是什么呢?

What is the difference between Vee Finance and other lending platforms? As a user, what is the reason for choosing Vee Finance?

Our mission is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation. Compared to typical lending services on the market today, Our strengths include:

我们的使命是降低传统用户参与 DeFi 的障碍,优化全球资产配置效率。 与当今市场上的典型贷款服务相比,我们的优势包括:

Lowered the threshold for DeFi participation: Vee.Finance has a very low transaction fee, which greatly lowers the threshold for participants, and provides users with small amounts of capital the opportunity to participate in DeFi.

降低参与 DeFi 的门槛:Vee.Finance 的交易手续费极低,大大降低了参与人的门槛,为用户提供少量资金参与 DeFi 的机会。

- Convenient use experience: The simple and easy-to-understand UI allows users to complete the operation set up in one step, minimizing the threshold for new users.

Therefore, Vee Finance is the best-in-class and easy-to-use platform for users.


因此,Vee Finance 是同类最佳且易于使用的用户平台。

6、Can you share with us in the community what actions Vee Finance will have in the near future and what plans it will have in the future?

可以给社区的小伙伴们分享下Vee Finance近期会有哪些动作以及未来会有什么样的规划?

Grant Reistad:

We have several key objectives in our pipeline. With our target of always serving our community users, we look to continuously improve our interface, product offering, and functionality to provide a fantastic user experience. We will deploy more public chains to provide users with a wider range of asset classes, as well as going live with more features, like fixed deposits.

我们的计划中有几个关键目标。 我们的目标是始终为社区用户提供服务,因此我们希望不断改进我们的界面、产品和功能,以提供出色的用户体验。 我们将部署更多的公链,为用户提供更广泛的资产类别,并上线更多的功能,比如定期存款。

接下来把时间交给大家,大家对 VEE 还有什么疑问呢,请踊跃提问哈~

Next, I will leave the time to everyone. Do you have any questions about VEE? Please ask questions~

1、Q:Can you describe the token economy model of $vee and how tokens are enabled?

VEE will issue 10,000,000,000 tokens.

Seed: 10.0%

Private Sale A: 5.0%

Private Sale B: 4.0%

Public Sale: 1.5%

Liquidity Mining on AVAX: 15.0%

Reserve: 44.5%

Team: 10.0%

Advisors: 3.0%

Marketing: 7.0%

2、Q:What community does VEE have? Can I join your official community? Do any of them have wechat groups?

We have group chats on Telegram and Discord:

Website: https://vee.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VeeFinance

Telegram: https://t.me/veefin

Medium: https://veefi.medium.com/


3、Q:Does Vee have any plans for listing on the new exchange in the future?

We are exploring partnerships with some exchanges, but I can't tell you exactly at this time, as each of these exchanges has set notification deadlines that can be communicated to the community. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments on our media platforms.

4、Q:Which seed rounds of investment and private placement did Vee.Finance receive?

Vee. Finance has completed private and seed funding rounds from Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund, Avalanche Asia Eco Fund AVATAR, LD Capital, AC Capital, AP Capital, Avalaunch, Aussie Capital, AV Star Capital, BCA Investments, Black Mamba Ventures, CatcherVC, Chronos Ventures, Cobak, Crypto Avengers, Damo Labs, Dutch Crypto Investors, DCI, FBG Capital, Favor Ventures, Panony, Kryptos Research, Lancer Capital, Limestone Capital, MEXC Global, Mint Ventures, Muhabbit Ventures, Momentum 6, New Tribe Capital, NGC Ventures, Phenomenon Capital, Phoenix VC, Redline DAO, Unpeeld Venture Labs, Tokuto Capital, Ti Capital, ViaBTC Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, Waterdrip Capital.

5、Q:Can Vee have any partners to announce?

Yes, I can't publish it now, please stay tuned to our official media.

最后感谢 Grant Reistad 来到三元社区,希望未来的 VEE 更加强大!

Finally, I would like to thank Grant Reistad for coming to Sanyuan community,and hope that VEE will be stronger in the future!