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2021-09-15 三元区块链 来源:区块链网络

感谢大家关注三元社区最新一期的 AMA,今晚我们有幸请来 Grant Reistad 欢迎 !Thank you for your Following our latest AMA. My name is Sunny and I will be your host tonight! Tonight, we have the honor to invite Grant Reistad with us.

Welcome Grant Reistad!

感谢 : 链闻 ChainNews、、Odaily 星球日报、PANews、Tokenview、三元资本 TernaryCapital 对本次活动的大力支持。Thanks: ChainNews, Winkrypto, Tokenview, PANews, and Ternary Capital for their strong support for this event.

大家安静啦,让我们开始今天的活动Be quiet, everyone, let's start today's activity

请大家在第一个环节中不要发言,在第二个环节中请踊跃地提出自己的问题。Please refrain from speaking in the first session, and please actively raise your questions in the second session.

首先我们有请 Grant 来为我们详细解答下关于 Vee 的问题哈~First of all, we have asked Grant to answer our questions about Vee in detail.

1、先请嘉宾简单的介绍下自己,以及 Vee Finance 的团队背景吧~1. Let's briefly introduce ourselves and the background of Vee Finance team?

Answer:?Absolutely. First, I’d like to say, it’s an absolute pleasure to be joining all of you here. Thank you so much for joining me for this conversation.? We are incredibly excited about the Vee.Finance project, and I’m looking forward to sharing our progress and our vision with you.My name is Grant Reistad.? I’ve been working with the Vee team since the very early stages of development.? I lead the marketing team at Vee.Finance.? I have many years of experience in the traditional financial industry and have served in a variety of roles at leading financial institutions such as GE Capital, GE Money, and Discover Financial.The Vee.Finance team consists of blockchain practitioners from some of the world’s top financial technology companies with years of banking experience. Looking at the team holistically, they average over 8 years experience of the blockchain and financial technology product research and development. Collectively, this talented crew have created a digital currency exchange and developed Multiple blockchain projects.

首先,我想说,很高兴能在这里加入你们所有人。非常感谢你加入我的谈话。我们团队对 Vee.Finance 项目感到非常兴奋,我期待与您分享我们的进展和愿景。我叫 Grant Reistad。从开发的早期阶段起,我就一直在与 Vee 整个团队并肩作战。我负责 Vee.Finance 的 marketing 市场营销团队。我在传统金融行业拥有多年经验,曾在 GE Capital、GE Money 和 Discover Financial 等行业领先的金融机构担任过多个职务。Vee.Finance 团队由来自一些世界顶级金融科技公司的具有多年银行经验的区块链从业者组成。从整体上看,他们平均拥有超过 8 年的区块链和金融科技产品研发经验。这支才华横溢的团队共同创建了一个数字货币交易所并开发了多个区块链项目。*2、Vee Finance 是一个怎么样的项目呢?它和传统意义的 DEX 有什么本质上的区别?2、What kind of project is Vee Finance? What is the essential difference between it and the traditional DEX??*

Answer:?Great question!? Let me take a moment to speak to the thoughtful design of the Vee interface because I believe that our users come first and deserve a high-quality experience.? We’ve worked extremely hard to create a simple and streamlined experience for all of our product offerings.? I also can’t forget to thank our thousands of Beta testers for providing valuable feedback on our product and design.? Having experienced some of the other DeFi Dapps out there.? I am very proud of the team for what they have accomplished.? And I think our users will appreciate it too!In terms of product, Vee is a decentralized cross-chain lending platform with features including a lending marketplace and leveraged trading with stop/limit capabilities.Vee offers a deposit product, lowering the threshold for traditional financial users to participate in DeFi through a more user-friendly product experience.??Vee also offers a collateralized loan product, which combines the features of DEX and the functionality of leveraged lending.? This protocol greatly improves the utilization of assets.At this stage - - Vee.Finance's strengths lie in ensuring the platform's transaction depth and promoting efficient capital utilization through the integration of DEX and cross-chain.? In addition, Vee meets the demand of various traders for different trading volume levels as well as the users who have a preference for high-risk investment by launching the leveraged trading function.好问题!让我花点时间谈谈 Vee 界面上周全而细心的设计,因为我相信我们的用户是第一位的,应该获得高质量的体验。我们非常努力地为我们的所有产品提供了一种简单而流畅的体验。我也不能忘记感谢我们成千上万的 Beta 测试用户为我们的产品和设计提供了宝贵的反馈。在体验过其他一些 DeFi 的 Dapps 之后,我为团队取得的成就感到非常自豪。我认为我们的用户也会欣赏它!在产品方面,Vee 是一个去中心化的跨链借贷平台,其特点包括借贷市场和具有止损 / 限价功能的杠杆交易。?Vee 提供存款产品,通过更加人性化的产品体验,降低传统金融用户参与 DeFi 的门槛。Vee 还提供抵押贷款产品,该产品结合了 DEX 的功能和杠杆贷款的功能。该协议大大提高了资产的利用率。?现阶段——Vee.Finance 的优势在于通过 DEX 与跨链的融合,保证平台的交易深度,促进资金的高效利用。此外,Vee 推出杠杆交易功能,满足各类交易者不同交易量水平的需求,以及偏好高风险投资的用户。

3、Vee Finance 重新定义了 DEX, 那具体表现在哪些方面呢?又如何提升用户体验呢?3、VeeFinance claims to redefine DEX. What are the specific manifestations? How to improve the user experience?

Answer:?At present, the mainstream DEXs in the market adopt the AMM protocol. Although they have achieved great success, there are still some problems - - especially impermanent losses, low capital efficiency (high gas and slippage)?First of all, in order to reduce the user's transaction costs, Vee chose to build and deploy the platform based on the Avalanche protocol. Compared with the projects on Ethereum, in addition to low gas fees, Avalanche security is also high, and it can withstand 80% of the computing power attacks, and with over 4500 TPS and 2-second block generation performance, it can provide users with a high-speed trading experience and help users grasp the market.? As a real-life example, I recently transferred assets from Ethereum to Avalanche using the Avalanche Bridge.? The Ethereum side of the transaction took over 10 minutes to complete, while the Avalanche transaction took less than 10 seconds. and incurred a fraction of the gas fee.

In terms of liquidity provision, Vee makes full use of the market depth and liquidity of different DEX by integrating DEX, increasing the depth of trading.?In addition, Vee uses an integrated oracle to correct the price of encrypted assets. Even if a certain DEX transaction is affected by external factors and there is a significant price deviation, Vee can still provide an accurate quotation. The advantage of this is to ensure that users can generate profits through transactions, and it will not depreciate along with regular market price fluctuations, thereby reducing impermanent losses.

It’s also worth mentioning that - - in the near future, price limit pending orders and smart order routing functions will be launched, which will allow users not only to enjoy a great trading experience comparable to that of decentralized exchanges but more importantly, to find better trading prices.

目前市场上主流的 DEX 均采用 AMM 协议。虽然他们取得了巨大的成功,但仍然存在一些问题——尤其是无常亏损、低资本利用效率(gas 费高和滑点大)为了降低用户的交易成本,Vee 选择基于 Avalanche 协议构建并部署平台。与以太坊上的项目相比,除了 gas 费用低外,Avalanche 的安全性也很高,可以承受 80% 的算力攻击,超过 4500 TPS 和 2 秒的出块性能,可以为用户提供高速交易体验,帮助用户把握行情。在流动性提供方面,Vee 通过聚合 DEX,充分利用不同 DEX 的市场深度和流动性,增加交易深度。此外,Vee 使用集成的预言机来纠正加密资产的价格。即使某笔 DEX 交易受外部因素影响而出现明显的价格偏差,Vee 仍然可以提供准确的报价。这样做的好处是保证用户可以通过交易产生利润,不会随着市场价格的正常波动而贬值,从而减少无常损失。还值得一提的是——在不久的将来,将推出限价挂单和智能订单路由功能,让用户不仅可以享受到媲美去中心化交易所的绝佳交易体验,更重要的是,可以找到更好的交易价格。

4、可以给我们详细介绍一下 Vee Finance 的多重挖矿方式嘛?4、Can you give us a detailed introduction to Vee Finance's multiple mining methods?

Answer:?Vee.Finance was launched mainnet yesterday, and mining module was also launched at the same time. The APY returns on AVAX, WETH, LINK and USDT lending are currently greater than 99,999%.all users who contribute to Vee will be rewarded accordingly.Currently, it includes:1) Liquidity mining - - That is, users who deposit or borrow on the platform of Vee will have corresponding rewards.2) Trading mining - - Regardless of whether they have used leverage, the users will also have rewards.3) Airdrop Incentives - - Within 10 days of launch, in order to encourage community users to use the trade function more, in addition to standard vee token rewards, we will also airdrop PNG (Pangolin tokens) jointly with Pangolin.4) leveraged yield farming - - we’re excited to share details on this program soon.

Vee.Finance 昨天推出了 Mainnet,同时还推出了采矿模块。AVAX、Weth、LINK 和 USDT 贷款的 APY 回报率目前超过 99,999%。所有为 Vee 做出贡献的用户都将获得相应的奖励。目前,它包括:1)流动性挖矿——即用户在 Vee 平台上充值或借贷,都会有相应的奖励。2)交易挖矿——无论是否使用杠杆,用户也将获得奖励。3)空投奖励——上线 10 天内,为鼓励社区用户更多使用交易功能,除了标准的 vee 代币奖励外,我们还将与 Pangolin 联合空投 PNG (Pangolin 代币)。4) 即将推出的杠杆挖矿 - 我们对此计划很兴奋,将很快分享相关的详细信息。

5、Vee Finance 为何如此看好 Avalanche 生态,为什么选择在 Avalanche 上开发 ? 后期是否会支持其他公链?5、Why is Vee Finance so optimistic about the Avalanche ecology and choose to develop on Avalanche? Will it support other public chain projects in the future?Answer:?From the performance point of view, compared with other public chains, the Avalanche protocol is extremely scalable and has a great performance of over 4500 TPS; the confirmation time is within two seconds; and the security is also quite high; Lower gas fees and more friendly interoperability, getting rid of the limitations of insufficient throughput and expensive cost of Ethereum. It’s a more friendly environment for most users.

In addition, Avalanche has been working hard to build a DeFi ecosystem, especially the launch of the Rush program, a liquidity mining incentive plan backed by an $18 billion fund, which will introduce new applications and assets to its growing DeFi ecosystem.From the perspective of market development, the ecosystem is also growing rapidly, including applications on multiple tracks such as wallet, DeFi, layer2, cross-chain, storage, NFT, stable currency, etc.? This also provides a wealth of users and asset categories for the future development of Vee Finance.

So yes, we are excited about all the things that are happening in Avalanche - - but there are additional networks that we will be pursuing.? In fact, the implementation of cross-chain is already in the development pipeline of the Vee technical team.

从性能上看,与其他公链相比,Avalanche 协议具有极强的可扩展性,拥有超过 4500 TPS 的出色性能;确认时间在两秒以内;而且安全性也相当高;更低的 gas 费用和更友好的互操作性,摆脱了以太坊吞吐量不足和 费用昂贵的限制,对于大多数用户来说,这是一个更友好的环境。此外,Avalanche 一直在努力构建 DeFi 生态系统,特别是推出了 Rush 计划,这是一项由 180 亿美元基金支持的流动性挖矿激励计划,该计划将为其不断发展的 DeFi 生态系统引入新的应用程序和资产。从市场发展来看,生态也在快速增长,包括钱包、DeFi、layer2、跨链、存储、NFT、稳定币等多赛道的应用,这也提供了丰富的用户和资产类别为 Vee Finance 的未来发展。?所以是的,我们对 Avalanche 中发生的所有事情感到兴奋 - 但我们也会关注其他网络。事实上,实现跨链的功能已经在 Vee 技术团队的开发计划当中。

6、安全问题是用户非常关心的一环,Vee Finance 在用户的资金安全方面会给哪些保障呢?6、Security issues are of great concern to users. What guarantees will Vee Finance provide in terms of users’ financial security?

Answer:?The safety of user funds has always been our primary concern.The safety of user funds has always been our primary concern.

Vee.Finance makes prevention and control mechanisms on product design and operation in several aspects. In terms of security, the new version of the smart contract code has passed SlowMist Technology for audit. In addition, the platform has also improved the platform's security by building a security engine, optimizing defense processes, and offering the vulnerability bounty.

用户资金的安全一直是我们首要关注的问题。Vee.Finance 在产品设计和运营上从几个方面制定了防控机制。在安全方面,新版智能合约代码已通过慢雾科技审核。此外,平台还通过搭建安全引擎、优化防御流程、提供漏洞悬赏等方式提升了平台的安全性。

自由提问环节Free questioning session

接下来把时间交给大家,大家对 VEE 还有什么疑问呢,请踊跃提问哈~Next, I will leave the time to everyone. Do you have any questions about VEE? Please ask questions~

Questions from Communities

1、Vee Finance 与其他借贷平台相比,有什么不同之处?作为用户选择 Vee Finance 的理由是什么呢?What is the difference between Vee Finance and other lending platforms? As a user, what is the reason for choosing Vee Finance?

Answer:?Vee.Finance is a lending application that improves the utilization of funds by integrating the functions of DEX and leveraged lending. The mission of the project is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation.?- Extremely high capital utilization: Vee.Finance’s unique lending + DEx model provides a transaction scenario for lending and borrowing, which greatly increases the frequency and scale of lending and thus capital utilization. Vee.Finance offers up to 3x leverage to trade.- Lowered the threshold for DeFi participation: Vee.Finance has a very low transaction fee, a TPS of 4,500+, which greatly lower the threshold for participants. Borrowing and trading, providing users with small amounts of capital the opportunity to participate in DeFi.- Convenient and safe trading experience: The simple and easy-to-understand UI allows users to complete long or short trading/ stop-loss setup in one step, minimizing the threshold for new users.Therefore, Vee Finance is the best-in-class and easy-to-use platform for users.

Vee.Finance 是一款通过整合 DEX 和杠杆借贷功能提高资金利用率的借贷应用。该项目的使命是降低传统用户参与 DeFi 的门槛,优化全球资产配置效率。- 极高的资金利用率:Vee.Finance 独特的借贷+DEx 模式提供了借贷的交易场景,大大提高了借贷的频率和规模,从而提高了资金利用率。 Vee.Finance 提供高达 3 倍的交易杠杆。- 降低了参与 DeFi 的门槛:Vee.Finance 交易费用极低,TPS 4500+,大大降低了参与门槛。借贷交易,为用户提供少量资金参与 DeFi 的机会。- 便捷安全的交易体验:简单易懂的用户界面,让用户一步完成多空交易 / 止损设置,最小化新用户门槛。因此,Vee Finance 是同类别里最易于使用的用户平台。

2、Vee Finance 项目目前进展如何 ? 可否分享一下接下来的发展规划 ?2. What is the current progress of the Vee Finance project? Can you share the next development plan?

Answer:?We have been working very hard to prepare for our Avalanche mainnet official launch, including liquidity mining, leveraged yield farming, etc.? Users are welcome to come to punch mines -- I believe that the returns will not disappoint!Beyond this, we have several key objectives in our pipeline.? With our target of always serving our community users, we look to continuously improve our interface, product offering, and functionality to provide a fantastic user experience.? We aim to cooperate with more DEX and aggregators in the Avalanche ecosystem.? And of course, we aim to develop and deploy to additional public chains to provide users with more transaction combinations.

我们一直在非常努力地为 Avalanche 主网正式启动做准备,包括流动性挖矿,杠杆挖矿等功能。欢迎广大用户前来挖矿——相信回报不会让人失望!除此之外,我们还有几个关键目标。我们的目标是始终为社区用户提供服务,因此我们希望不断改进我们的界面、产品和功能,以提供出色的用户体验。我们旨在与 Avalanche 生态系统中更多的 DEX 和聚合器合作。当然,我们的目标是开发并部署到更多的公链上,为用户提供更多的交易组合。

3、怎么加入 Vee 的官方社区? 分享下进群链接吗?3. How can we join Vee’s communities? Could you share the invite link?

Answer:?Yes sure, we have group chats on Telegram and Discord. Let me show you all the links to our social media and communities here:





Telegram CH:?https://t.me/veefinanceofficial




当然可以,Vee 项目在电报和 discord 上都有官方社群,相关社交媒体和社区链接如下:





Telegram CH(中文电报群):?https://t.me/veefinanceofficial




Vee 的唯一中文社群,链接是:https://t.me/veefinanceofficial

最后感谢 Grant Reistad 来到三元社区,希望未来的 VEE 更加强大!Finally, I would like to thank Grant Reistad for coming to Sanyuan community,and hope that VEE will be stronger in the future!