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Q1.Why did Metaverse-NFT (Metee) choose meta-universe + NFT plate? what is the popularity of the concept of meta-universe in today's society? what kind of chemical reaction will be produced by the combination of NFT+ meta-universe?


In January 2021, there are 4.66 billion people used the Internet all around the world. It has?increased by 7.3 % with 316 million people over the same period last year. Currently, the global Internet penetration rate is 59.5%. However, the outbreak of the nCov-EMC had a significant impact on the number of the Internet users reported, so the actual number may be higher.

2021 年 1 月,全球使用互联网的人数达到了 46.6 亿,比去年同期增加了 3.16 亿人,增长了 7.3%。目前,全球互联网普及率为 59.5%。但新冠病毒疫情对互联网用户数量的报告产生了重大影响,因此实际数字可能会更高。

The average service time of all the Internet subscribers is 140.1 hours per month and?4.67 hours online per day, while Internet Natives in the Z era spent an average of 174.9 hours per month and averaged 5.83 hours online per day.

互联网使用时长全体用户平均每月 140.1 小时,平均每天上网时间达到了 4.67 小时;Z 时代的互联网原住民平均每月时长 174.9 小时,平均每天上网时间达到了 5.83 小时。

Metaverse: From Snow Crash, the third book by the science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, published in 1992. Stephenson created a three-dimensional digital space that closely connected to society, Metaverse, that was not the imaginary internet as it used to be. It was paralleled to the real world, where people who are geographically isolated can communicate and play with their “incarnation”.

元宇宙(Metaverse):出自于 1992 年出版的科幻小说作家尼尔·斯蒂 芬森(Neal Stephenson)的第三部著作《雪崩》(Snow Crash);斯蒂芬森创造了一个并非以往想象中的互联网,而是和社会紧密联系的三维数字空间——虚拟实境(Metaverse), 与现实世界平行,在现实世界中地理位置彼此隔绝的人们可以通过各自的「化身」进行交流娱乐。

The average length of use of the Internet is 140.1 hours per month for all users, with an average of 4.67 hours per day; the average monthly time for Internet aborigines in the Z era is 174.9 hours, with an average of 5.83 hours per day.

互联网使用时长全体用户平均每月 140.1 小时,平均每天上网时间达到了 4.67 小时;Z 时代的互联网原住民平均每月时长 174.9 小时,平均每天上网时间达到了 5.83 小时。

The number of global game users is close to 3 billion, while Roblox has reached 150 million users; the virtual world game-the virtual world model of the metaverse-"Minecraft" has reached 130 million users.

全球游戏用户接近 30 亿,Roblox 单个游戏达到 1.5 亿人次;虚拟世界游戏——元宇宙的虚拟世界模型——《我的世界》用户数达到 1.3 亿人次。

Travis Scott's virtual concert on Fortress Nights gives people the experience of being able to watch a concert while controlling your avatar to pop around with the stars.

堡垒之夜的 Travis Scott 虚拟演唱会,让人体验到竟然还能边看演唱会,边控制自己的 avatar 在明星身上跳动。

American rapper, Travis Scott performs a concert on Fortnight. And Epic announced that the “Travis Scott's Astronomical” concert has attracted 12.3 million simultaneous online players. The development team called it a "history" of the game in chicken-eating type shooting.

美国说唱歌手特拉维斯·斯科特(Travis Scott)在《堡垒之夜》办了一场演唱会。Epic 宣布,这场“Travis Scott's Astronomical”演唱会活动共吸引了1230万同时在线玩家。开发团队称这是吃鸡类型射击游戏的“历史记录”。

In addition to watching concerts, you can also take part in the "Astronomical" challenge of the Fortress Night. to unlock in-game items such as avatars, looks, expressions etc.


Gather town gives people the experience that the seemingly pointless form of simulation meetings of the original RPG maker-zoom is quite up to scratch.

gather.town 让人体验到原来 RPG maker +zoom 看似毫无意义的仿真开会形式竟然还挺上头。

By then, mankind will enter the three-dimensional virtual reality world from the age of the two-dimensional Internet. Just like the University of California, Berkeley, held its graduation ceremony at My world, "this virtual Berkeley campus was built by more than 100 students and alumni in My World, which built more than 100 buildings. On the day of the ceremony, graduates from Berkeley, California, participated in a memorable "virtual" graduation ceremony in My World, which included a speech by the president, degree award, hat-throwing, etc. This is not much different from our experience in the real world, and with the development of technology, such an experience will be no different from the real world.

加州大学伯克利分校在《我的世界》举行毕业典礼——「这个虚拟的伯克利校园由 100 多个学生、校友在《我的世界》中共同搭建,构建了 100 多栋建筑物;典礼当天,加州伯克利的毕业生们在《我的世界》中共同参加了一次难忘的「虚拟」毕业典礼,完整包含了校长致辞、学位授予、抛礼帽等环节 ",而这和我们在真实世界的体验相差不大,而随着技术的发展,这样的体验将和真实的世界没有差别。

"The Sims" and "Animal Crossing" make people feel the possibility of avatar in second life

《模拟人生》、《动物之森》让人感受到化身 avatar 获得第二人生的可能性

Facebook Oculus 2 makes people feel like the consumer-garde VR is coming (watch beautiful girls play Beat Saber cost highest!). )

Facebook Oculus 2 让人感觉到消费级 VR 的来到(看美少女玩 Beat Saber 最高!)

Roblox lets people know that the metaverseis began to be sought after by capital in real.

Roblox 让人看到元宇宙真实的开始被资本追捧。

Q2.Nowadays, most people are not very familiar with the meta-universe. Could you explain the concept of the meta-universe to us in a general way


Imagine that you walk a dog in Decentraland in the morning, walk past a gallery, where there is a gallery of painting masters --Sinclair, you see a pleasant painting, jump in and buy it in OpenSea, pick up an exclusive poap ("to this tour" certificate) and move on.

想象一下,你一早牵着条狗去 Decentraland 遛狗,路过一个画廊,是一笔画大师 Sinclair 的画展,看到一幅心怡的画,随手点进去跳转到 OpenSea 里买下来,领取完一枚专属的 poap (「到此一游」证明),继续往前走。

after a while, the dog suddenly barked twice to remind you that someone was stealing your "dish", which is not an ordinary dish, but a Mine of DeFi. Since the recent release of a new game similar to Happy Farm, all the DeFi users have moved LP inside for a visual mining, and since then DeFi assets have not only generated interest, buried in the game's vegetable fields, but also harvested NFT for a variety of crops, and even produced NFT for different animals.

走了一会儿,狗突然叫了两声,提醒你,有人在偷你的「菜「,这个菜不是普通的菜,是指 DeFi 的矿。自从最近新出了一个新的类似开心农场的游戏以后,所有 DeFi 用户都把 LP 搬去里面进行可视化挖矿了,自此以后 DeFi 资产不单能产生利息,埋在游戏里的菜地里,还能收获各种农作物的 NFT,甚至还能生出不同动物的 NFT。

You quit from the decentraland in a hurry and go to the happy farms to drive away the robots that steal your food. You boast that your pet dog is so smart and feed it some new "calculative dog food NFT".And you remember that actually the dog is a static picture NFT you bought last year, but because the community is so good, it's constantly being developed, it gradually moving from a static picture to a 3d file that's active by bones, and since RCT came up with the ability of AI to empower NFT, anyone can buy the power to train their NFT with ai, so the dog evolved from a static picture into a smart dog that can chat and even predict whether your mine has been stolen. The "calculative dog food NFT" just fed can also make it smarter.

你赶紧退出 decentraland,到开心农场里把偷菜的机器人赶走。你夸了夸你的宠物狗真聪明,并且喂了些新买的「算力狗粮 NFT」给它。想起来,这个狗其实只是你在去年买的一张静态图片 NFT,但是因为社区太好了,不断有人开发,逐渐地从一个静态图片,转变为由骨骼可活动的 3d 文件,并且自从 RCT 出了 AI 赋能 NFT 的功能以后,任何人都能购买算力来用 ai 训练自己的 NFT,于是这只狗从静态的图片逐渐进化成了一个可以聊天,甚至可以预报你的矿有没有被偷的机器智能宠物狗。刚才喂的「算力狗粮 NFT」,也能让它变得更智能。

As soon as you collect your dish, you get an invitation from a friend to fight, and recently you and your friend are indulged in a game called depokemon, like the game-- pokemon, but it allows other characters in different games or projects to fight together. You agree the request to fight, and enter the game, you choose the dog you just fed to fight, and the other side is playing the zombie character in Cryptopunk. You think you're going to die, but think of the day before yesterday that you just got an artifact from another chain tour, called dark forest. And today it's time for the depokemon game to be updated to support other chain-link props for pet buff bonuses in the game. You put the artifact on, defeated your friend, achieved a system achievement of 100 victories, and obtained a "key NFT" that proves you are a "high-play user" and will be eligible to participate in this year's VIP after-event at the branch of the Devcon Games

刚收完菜,你就收到了朋友的对战邀请,近期你和你的朋友沉迷于一个叫 depokemon 的游戏,一个类似于 pokemon 的游戏,但它能允许其它不同游戏或者项目中的角色一起大乱斗。你同意了对战请求,进入到游戏,你选择你刚喂了狗粮的宠物狗出战,而对方出战的是 Cryptopunk 里的僵尸角色。你觉得你要凉,但是想起来前天你刚从另一个链游《dark forest》中打到了一个神器,而今天正好 depokemon 游戏进行了更新,能支持其它链游的道具在游戏内进行宠物的 buff 加成。你把神器装上,打败了你朋友,达成了 100 次胜利的系统成就,并获得了一个「钥匙 NFT「,拥有这个钥匙,证明了你是「高玩用户「,就将有资格参与今年举办的 Devcon 中游戏分会场的 VIP 会后活动。

After the battle, you're tired. You go back to your virtual home and hang Sinclair’s painting on the wall and enjoy it quietly.

对战完以后,你累了,你回到你虚拟的家中,把最新买的 Sinclair 的画挂在墙上,静静地欣赏。

Some of these open-ended experiences of multiverse interoperability are already available in decentraland and crypto voxel. So even if their picture quality, technology and tradition are still immature, this open perception is very important.

以上种种不同元宇宙互通的开放式体验,一部分场景已经能在 decentraland 和 crypto voxel 里体验到了。所以即使它们的画质、技术和传统相比还很稚嫩,但这种开放的感知是很重要的。

Q3.What does the real meta-universe look like? How do you think about it


The characteristic of the Metaverse元宇宙的特征

Continuity: This world can exist forever and it will not stop.

Instantaneity : It can stay the real time and keep sync with the real world, with all forms of the real world.

Compatibility: It can accommodate people and things of any size that anyone can enter it.

Economic attributes: There is a complete economic system that can support transactions, payments, income generation by labor, etc

Connectivity: Digital assets, social relationships, items can run through every virtual worlds and it can be transformed between "virtual worlds" and "real worlds".

Creative: Content in the virtual world can be created by any individual or group user.







We can try to come up with some clearer definitions from a different point of view。


Metaverse must be huge,on the one hand, it means that there are many users, and there are especially many online users; on the other hand, it means that the game content is very rich, with a vast explorable/exploitable space, and a variety of gameplay.


The meta-universe must be highly social. Because in reality, humans are social animals; As an alternative to the real world, the meta-universe must also have social interaction as a core function.


The meta-universe must be highly social. Because in reality, humans are social animals; As an alternative to the real world, the meta-universe must also have social interaction as a core function.

The meta-universe must be persistent. As a platform, its operation is uninterrupted; as a player, whether online or offline, things within the Metaverse are still happening, developing, and having an impact on the characters the player manipulates.


Meta-universe must have a sense of immersion, that is, an alternative to the real world. As technology advances, this sense of immersion can be achieved through VR/AR and even brain-computer connectivity.


The meta-universe must be open. This openness, on the one hand, allows all kinds of players to join and move freely; on the other hand, it opens the technical interface to third parties, allowing them to add content freely (like MOD and DLC of traditional games).


Based on the above definition, we can easily determine "what is not a meta-universe" :


Traditional 3D games like "GTA Online" are not metasms because they are not big enough, not open enough, and not particularly social inside.《GTA Online》这样的传统3D游戏不是元宇宙,因为它们还不够大、不够开放,内部社交性也不是特别强。

A MMORPG like World of Warcraft is not a Metaverse but it is a little closer to a meta-universe than the above two products.


"Roblox" best fits the definition of Metaverse but it is a little short: there is not enough immersion. In fact, all the current mainstream games, including VR games, are far from meta-universe in terms of immersion.


We might say: if we make social, open-world RPGs a little bigger, enhance immersion through VR, and open up third-party content interfaces, we're closer to the vision of a meta-universe. This goal is easy to talk about, but difficult to implement, and very costly.


The point is that such a high-cost meta-universe is likely to be inconsistent, since "immersion" and "openness" are often not available at the same time.


Q4.How to achieve both "immersion" and "openness" and would you like to introduce the rules about how to participate in Metaverse Dao

Q4.MetaverseNFT(Metee)如何实现 “沉浸感” “开放性”双重兼得以及Metaverse DAO的加入规则给大家介绍一下吧

First,Let's take a look at the basic contradiction between "immersion" and "openness.


There must be immersion in the Metaverse because without immersion, there will be no substitute for the real world. The meta-universe must also be open, because if the content interface is not open to third parties (especially users themselves), massive PUGCs cannot be generated, thus seriously reducing the content richness of the meta-universe.


Just imagine that: game Wild Dart 2 had a dev team of 1,138 people,it's huge,while Genshin Impact‘s team has grown from 400 before launch to 700 people,even such a big team can not keep up with the user's demand of content. On a larger scale meta-product, it is not possible to rely on self-research by the platform unless the platform wants to go bankrupt. Roblox's success lies in the fact that it has created a PUGC-based content community that has greatly expanded the boundaries of content.


The problem is that with the current technology, "immersion" and "openness" are likely to be contradictory:


"Immersion" requires as high technical standards and picture quality as possible, even using advanced technologies such as VR, which puts high demands on creators.


"Openness" requires lowering the threshold to creation as much as possible and expanding the coverage of the content community, so as to provide a steady stream of ideas and content.


In fact, all PUGC platforms face a similar problem: to get more people involved, they have to lower the requirements of industry standards. There is no platform where "industry standards are high and the creator base is large." Roblox solves this problem by sacrificing some immersion in exchange for openness.


Now we can see why most of the mainstream metasystem platforms on the market are "pixel-style" : they reduce the industrial requirements of art materials and increase reusability. Building a car in Roblox's pixel world is much more easier than building a car in GTA Online's 3D world. Roblox's primary audience is children, who are less demanding in picture quality; But designing a meta-universe platform for adults has to take into account the increased costs associated with improved picture quality, as well as the disruption to openness.

现在我们能理解,为何市面上主流的元宇宙平台多是“像素风”了:它能降低美术素材的工业要求、提高可复用性。在Roblox的像素世界里造一辆车,与在GTA Online的3D世界里造一辆车,难度差了好几个数量级。Roblox的主要用户是儿童,他们对画面质量的要求没那么高;但是,若要设计面向成年人的元宇宙平台,就必须考虑到画面质量上升所造成的成本提高,以及对开放性的破坏。

Although Metaverse hasn't quite achieved the same level of GTA Online yet, it may still be in the "pixel style,"

虽然现在Metaverse暂时没有做到GTA Online的效果可能还是处于“像素风,”

How to achieve a sense of stillness in Metee? at the beginning, when the game does not reach the top of the industry, the Metee DAO organization will give full play to its important advantages. The Metee DAO reward fund accounts for 100 trillion of the total Token, and the network-wide dividend is about 109.5 billion Metee every 4 days (a total of three years).

如何在Metee里实现沉寂感,我们初期在游戏没有做到行业顶端的时候,Metee DAO组织就会发挥重要优势出来,Metee DAO奖励基金占Token总量的10% 合计100万亿的Metee,每4天全网分红约为1095亿Metee(共三年分红完毕)。


If you want to qualify for dividends, you need to run for the Metee Galaxy Trailblazers. The first batch of trailblazers will receive 109.5 billion Metee and 5% of the trading volume at 0.1BNB 3 at the end of the campaign.


成为星系开拓者可以分红,但需要为MeteeDAO不断地去做贡献,例如社区扩建,社区共识培养,官方游戏引流,为Metee DAO提更多的建议与方案 并积极实行最新方案等,MeteeDAO的目标在三年内发展到30000的星系开拓者,并且进行部门划分,换句话说,当一家公司拥有了三万名股东并且每个部门都有自己的任务,公司的发展和影响力就可想为知了,或者说一个Token全球拥有了3万个节点,每个人都在执行自己的任务,并且可以从中获得”挖矿“收益。

Becoming a galaxy trailblazer can pay dividends, but you need to make continuous contributions to MeteeDAO, such as community expansion, community consensus building, official game drainage, making more suggestions and plans for MeteeDAO and actively implementing the latest programs, etc. MeteeDAO's goal is to grow to 30000 galaxy trailblazers within three years, and to divide departments, in other words, when a company has 30, 000 shareholders and each department has its own task The development and influence of the company can be thought of, or an Token world has 30, 000 nodes, and everyone is carrying out their own tasks, and can get "mining" benefits from it.

总之,Metee DAO认为共识度与布道者体量到达了极致,”开放性“与”沉寂性“就可实现两者兼得。

In short, Metee DAO believes that consensus and the mass of the preacher have reached the extreme, and "openness" and "stillness" can achieve both.


Q5.What kind of chemical reaction will generate by the combination of NFT + meta-universe

至今仍在全球蔓延的新冠疫情,不仅造成全世界货币天量超发,而且推动全球工作生活方式加速向远程化虚拟化转型。这促使 NFT (Non-Fungible Token,非同质化通证)和 Metaverse (元宇宙)成为 2021 年贯穿区块链、互联网、数字娱乐等多个行业最为火爆的热点。NFT 仅在今年第一季度就实现了 11 亿美元的交易额,与去年全年的交易额相当;NFT 板块代币市值达到 133 亿美元(Coingecko 5 月 24 日数据);根据 ARK 投资基金最新研究,元宇宙的收入将以每年 17% 的复合增长率从今天的约 1800 亿美元增长到 2025 年的 3900 亿美元。

The epidemic of the nCov-EMC , which is still spreading around the world, has not only caused the world's currency exceed its power, but has also accelerated the transition to remote virtualization of the global working lifestyle. This has made NFT (Non-Fungible Token, non-homogeneous) and Metaverse become the hottest hot spots across blockchain, the Internet, and the digital entertainment in 2021. NFT achieved $1.1 billion in transactions in the first quarter of this year alone, comparable to last year's full-year turnover; the NFT segment token market capitalization reached $13.3 billion (from the date in Coingecko on May 24 ), and according to a new study by the ARK Investment Fund, the revenue of the Metaverse will grow at a CAGR of 17% per year from approximately $180 billion today to $390 billion in 2025.

传统和 crypto、现实与虚拟的交叉路口

The intersection of tradition and crypto, reality and virtuality

传统技术的迭代带来的感知,与 crypto 领域创新带来的社会关系变革的感知,最终会交汇融合在一起。除此之外,现实和虚拟也在融合,以 pokemon go 为代表的 AR 游戏,让我们看到,现实和虚拟游戏融合的未来。一款名为 HADO 的 AR 运动游戏,更是把现实中的竞技结合其中。

The perception of iterations of traditional technologies and the perception of social relationship change brought?by innovation in the crypto field will eventually converge. In addition, reality and virtual are also converging, with pokemon go as the representative of the AR game, we can see the future of reality and virtual game fusion. An AR sports game called HADO combines real-life athleticism.


Today, the Metaverse?is standing in the spot of the blockchain world, in which the NFT plays an important role. The characteristics of the NFT can become the physicalization of the rights of the Metaverse , just like the physical key. That is, the assets of the physical world can be issued through NFT alone, forming the "virtual expression of the chain" of physical assets, and it will have practical value, perpetuity and self-growth in the infinite world.


"The first point is who we are, and identity comes from who you are, your race, your native family, your gender.In Metaverse, all your identities can be reshaped, and you are free to choose who you want to be. Based on such attributes,we will find that its diversity characteristics are extremely obvious, you can enjoy the freedom of your creation without restriction, regardless of time limit, like Robrox, players are free to provide the basic settings and play of characters. "


"In the real world, because there is government, there are laws, and so on, we can have a safe life, but in the world of Metaverse, we have a high degree of freedom, but complete freedom is actually not, so the Metaverse world must have a spontaneous high degree of trust and order to ensure that all transactions are processed." Then, based on the credibility mechanism provided by blockchain technology, as well as future iterations of VR technology, infrastructure optimization, Metaverse World will become a very complete virtual reality world in the future. ”

未来的 Metaverse,必然是现实与虚拟、传统与 Crypto 的大融合。

The Metaverse of the future is bound to be a great blend of reality and virtuality, tradition, and Crypto.

Q6.Can you give us a brief introduction to the team of Metaverse NFT (Metee), and what kind of effect the team wants to make in Metaverse?

Q6.Metaverse NFT(Metee)的团队你给大家能简单介绍吧,以及团队想在Metaverse方面做出什么样的效果

「Metaverse希望能创造出电影《头号玩家》中的绿洲。」 早在 2017 年,我们就设想未来虚拟世界会是什么样子 我们总结了 4 个特征:

首先,一定是开放无垄断的世界,所以我们提出了Metaverse 的概念,而且是融合的宇宙;其次,是用户可以自己去创建的世界;第三,在这个虚拟世界里数字资产可以互通;第四,虚拟世界必须由社区共建,这是我们对于元宇宙的畅想。」

Metaverse hopes to create an oasis in the movie player number one. "back in 2017, we imagined what the virtual world would look like in the future. We summarized four characteristics:

First of all, it must be an open and non-monopoly world, so we put forward the concept of Metaverse, and it is an integrated universe; secondly, it is a world that users can create by themselves; third, digital assets can be exchanged in this virtual world; fourth, the virtual world must be co-built by communities, which is our imagination of meta-universe. "


Infrastructure, standard protocols, economic system and organizational form are the four basic elements for the successful development and operation of meta-universe.

尽管在不久的将来,用户将通过越来越先进的 VR 设备进入体验元宇宙,用越来越丰富的 AI 工具创作交互,但元宇宙的真正本质是嵌有自由市场和数字产权的数字世界。区块链技术以其数据可溯源难篡改、验证免信任的技术特性为产生汇聚流通海量用户数据的元宇宙运行提供了不可或缺的信任基础,NFT 则通过支持数字资产无摩擦创建交易的特性来为用户提供统一的数字身份和数字所有权,换言之,离开区块链和 NFT 的支持和赋能,元宇宙的建成无从谈起。

Although in the near future, users will enter the experience meta-universe through more and more advanced VR devices and create interactions with more and more rich AI tools, the real essence of meta-universe is the digital world embedded with free market and digital property rights. Blockchain technology, with its technical characteristics of traceable data, difficult to tamper, verification and trust-free, provides an indispensable trust basis for the operation of meta-universe that aggregates and flows massive user data. NFT provides users with a unified digital identity and digital ownership by supporting the frictionless creation of transactions in digital assets. In other words, without the support and empowerment of blockchain and NFT, it is impossible to build a meta-universe.


MINECRAFT前开发者 Tommaso负责研发



与Elon Musk最爱游戏Bioshcok达成合作


team members

Tommaso, a former MINECRAFT developer, is responsible for research and development.

The planning director of NEXON Dungeon & Fighter participated in the design.

SAND,FLow as a strategic partner

Enter into a partnership with Elon Musk's favorite game Bioshcok

All Bioshock users are Metee coin holders.


NFT pulic-chain Metee

尽管JumpNet有所改进,但NFTs仍将继续受到问题的困扰。为了扩大规模,NFTs需要变得完全可互操作且不依赖于链。受限于以太坊的合约交互速度和高昂的手续费,用户体验差 Metee需要为NFT寻找一块肥沃的土壤以利于更好的成长。于是,Efinity 由此诞生,它建立在波卡平行链上,其使命是建立一个可扩展的跨链网络,使 NFT 的创建、使用和交易变得更加容易和快速,从而提高 NFT 的交易量和使用量。根据目前的基准,Metee将每秒处理高达700-1000笔交易(TPS);相比之下,以太坊网络目前的运行速度约为15 TPS。它是一条跨链代币的高速公路,任何链上的任何NFT都可以转移到Efinity上,帮助加速全球先进虚拟经济的到来。

Despite Jumpnet's improvements, NFTs will continue to be plagued by problems. To scale, NFTS needs to become fully interoperable and chain-independent. Restricted by Ethereum's contract interaction speed and high fees, Metee needed a better operation system for NFT with best user experience. Thus, Efinity was born, built on a Polkadot parachain, and its mission is to build a scalable cross-chain network that makes it easier and faster for NFT creation, use and trading, thereby increasing the volume and usage of NFT. Based on current benchmarks, Metee will process up to 700-1000 transactions per second (TPS); By comparison, the Ethereum network currently runs at about 15 TPS. It is a superhighway of cross-chain tokens, and any NFT on any chain can be transferred to Efinity, helping to accelerate the arrival of a global advanced virtual economy.


As Metee's long-term NFT extension solution, Metee aims to inspire stakeholders who help the ecosystem developing. Metee holders can stake their tokens to a node on the Efinity chain and then receive efinityToken (EFI) as extra income. The staking Metee can still be used in the marketplace and other applications, but the staking Metee will automatically be released if the Token is transferred or destroyed.

Q7.The value and Development of Metee



Metee's blockchain technology provides a decentralized settlement platform and a value transmission mechanism, which can guarantee the ownership and circulation of the value of Metaverse so as to ensure the stability and efficiency of the economic system, as well as the transparent and deterministic execution of rules. Decentralized virtual assets can flow across platforms, without the content itself, and become more "real."


At the same time, Metee started a new business model of virtual creation, changing virtual goods from services to trading entities. In the traditional e-game model, equipment and skins are essentially services rather than assets, They are not limited, and their production costs tend to be zero. The user creators of Metee can directly produce and trade virtual goods through Metee, which is separated from the centralized game platform, and can also trade related NFT assets freely among users.


Without a doubt, Metee is the leading developer in the blockchain gaming industry and has created the most powerful platform for game developers. However, Metee faces stiff competition from Axie, Immutablex, Flow and others when it comes to designing scalable blockchain for NFT. Metee has the potential to become a giant in crypto games, but it will need to continue to attract new game developers and quickly build its expansion solutions.

Metee Wallet


Metaversenft (Metee) has been working on a wallet that will allow users to make crypto and NFT transactions. On the premise of guaranteeing basic security performance, it can also store most of the cryptos and NFTs(including ERC721 and ERC1155) in the market, with trading function. In addition, the wallet can be used to browse and interact with existing dApps.

Q8.What is a Metee token? Can you give us a brief introduction of the purpose of the Metee token?



Metee is the only paltform token that can create a virtual identity on the Metaverse platform. Only users with Metee can redeem the characteristic elements of virtual identity, which need to open the blind box through Metee exchanging. The holdings of Metee will determine the object of our assets in the Metaverse virtual space and enable the exchange of value from virtual to reality.

Q9.Where can I buy Metee?




MetaverseNFT (Metee) is expected to be listed on the global top trading platform in the third quarter of 2021,and will be listed on all DEXs,CEXs one after another, please stay tuned.