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2021-09-14 龙葵社区 来源:区块链网络

2021年9月14日,Definix团队做客龙葵社区,与我们大家一起分享的嘉宾是SIX Network 两位CEO Natavudh Pungcharoenpong和Vachara Aemavat,AMA主题:基于Klaytn的Definix平台提供专业的投资策略。

以下是本次 AMA 直播内容:

1.?What is Definix ? Could you tell the intention behind the project?

1. 什么是Definix?你能说说这个项目背后的意图吗?

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:?Definix is the transparent crypto investment platform on DeFi that helps crypto investors to invest confidently, developed by our company, SIX Network. Just as you know, investing in crypto assets can give you fruitful profits if you do it right. The problem is, to do the right investment, it requires a lot of knowledge and the learning curve is quite steep. That’s why only few people can survive in the market in the long run. So we think that it would be great if we could connect those survivors to people who want to invest in crypto but still don’t have much experience together.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:Definix是我们Six Network公司开发的透明化加密货币DeFi投资平台,致力于让加密货币投资者自信投资。正如你所知道的,投资加密货币资产可以给你带来丰厚的利润,如果你做得对的话。问题是,要做正确的投资,需要大量的知识,该领域拥有陡峭的学习曲线。这就是为什么从长远来看,只有少数人能在市场上生存下来。因此我们认为,如果我们能将这些幸存者与那些想投资加密货币但却没有太多经验的人联系起来,那就太好了。

So we created Definix which would be a platform with tools that professional traders can use to create their own crypto mutual funds and/or farms and average people can come to invest in them. It’s like a win-win situation. Professional traders can maximize more money from their skills while people can invest in crypto assets with less risk and more profits with the help of professionals.


2.?Can you tell us more about the features that Definix has to offer and how that makes Definix unique?


A:?On Definix, currently we have features just as the following :


Vachara Aemavat - Rebalancing Farms :?Think it’s like a mutual fund where the fund manager manages by using the strategy called “Rebalancing”. Rebalancing is a strategy that can lower the risk and help investors have high returns in the long run. Each farm has been constructed from various cryptocurrencies with different ratios and would be rebalanced?according to the algorithm and rules that have been set by the professional. To make rebalancing strategy works, normally it requires the knowledge of crypto portfolio management but Definix makes it ready to use for everyone. What you have to do is just depositing your coins to the Rebalancing Farm and let the system grow your money by advanced strategy.

Vachara Aemavat - 再平衡矿厂:我认为这就像一种共同基金,基金经理使用一种称为“再平衡”的策略进行管理。从长远来看,再平衡是一种可以降低风险、帮助投资者获得高回报的策略。每个矿厂都是由不同比例的加密货币构成的,并将根据专业人员设置的算法和规则进行重新平衡。要让再平衡策略发挥作用,通常需要加密货币投资组合管理的知识,但Definix让每个人可随时使用再平衡策略。你要做的只是把你的代币存入再平衡矿厂,让系统通过先进的策略来增加你的收益。

Vachara Aemavat - Decentralized exchange and yield farming :?We also have our own DEX and yield farming. You can exchange coins, provide liquidity to the platform, and stake in the farms and pools in order to get rewards as FINIX, the ecosystem token of Definix.


And there are another 2 core features that we’re developing


Vachara Aemavat - Long-term staking pool and voting system (vFINIX) :?Long-term staking pool is where FINIX holders can earn more rewards by staking FINIX in the pool for 90,180,360 days. By staking in this pool, they will get vFINIX tokens in exchange and they will get the right to vote for the direction and privileges when using Rebalacing Farms and other investment tools on the platform.


Vachara Aemavat - User-generated crypto fund management :?The system will allow professional traders to create their own crypto funds and become a fund manager. People can come to invest in their funds and they can earn by charging management fees.


3.?What is FINIX token and how could we use it on your platform?


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong :?FINIX token is an ecosystem token for Definix. By staking FINIX token in the long-term staking pool that we will launch soon, the user will get vFINIX and he or she can use vFINIX for the following activities :

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:FINIX代币是Definix的生态代币。通过在我们即将启动的长期质押池中质押FINIX代币,用户将获得vFINIX,并参与以下活动:

●?Vote for the direction and the platform distribution rate of liquidity fees. The user will get a part of liquidity fees as a reward.


●?Get fee discounts for investing in a Rebalancing farm.


●?Get privileges from a partner's services.


4.?What is the Rebalancing Farm product's most important feature to make it outstanding?


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:?The most important thing is that Rebalancing Farm is easy to use for everyone. For decades, rebalancing strategy has been used by a lot of professional traders to make them profitable and survive in the market. You can apply the same strategy with them just by depositing your coins in the Rebalancing Farm. This creates a chance for average people to be profitable and have less risk in the long run.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:最重要的是,再平衡矿厂对每个人来说都很容易使用。几十年来,再平衡策略一直是许多专业交易员获利和生存的手段。你可以和他们一样应用相同的策略,只需在再平衡农场中进行充值。从长远来看,这为普通人创造了低风险的盈利机会。

5.?Who are your partners? In what ways have they helped shape your project and how do they contribute to it?


Vachara Aemavat:?At this moment, we have a lot of supportive partners.


The one that supports us a lot is Klaytn, the blockchain network developed by GroundX, the subsidiary of Kakao, top internet company in South Korea. We’re Klaytn’s official partner and work closely with them in order to expand our services to the global level. We’re a partner of Ozys, the company which developed Belt Finance, the global DeFi platform.

最支持我们的是Klaytn,这是由韩国顶级互联网公司Kakao的子公司Ground X开发的区块链网络。我们是Klaytn的官方合作伙伴,并与他们密切合作,将我们的服务扩展到全球范围。我们是Ozys公司的合作伙伴,Ozys公司开发了全球DeFi平台Belt Finance。

In the South Korea market, we’re also supported by FSN, our parent company which is a top-notch digital company in South Korea. The support helped us attract a lot of Korean investors to invest in Definix.


In Thailand, we have Ookbee U, the company working on user generated content,?co-invested by Tencent as a partner to help us explore opportunities in the creative industry.

在泰国,我们有合作伙伴Ookbee U,它是一家致力于用户生成内容的公司,由腾讯合作投资,助力我们在创意产业探索发展机会。

For the user level, we also have a partner like Lorem Board, the DeFi dashboard that helps our investors monitor their portfolio easily. D’CENT, the popular hardware wallet is one of our partners too.

在用户层面,我们也有像Lorem Board这样的合作伙伴,它是一家专注DeFi仪表板的企业,能帮助我们的投资者轻松监测他们的投资组合。高人气的硬件钱包D’CENT也是我们的合作伙伴之一。

6.?We’ve heard that your company has another cryptocurrency, please tell us a bit about it.


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:?Sure. Before Definix, our company released a cryptocurrency called “SIX”. SIX is just like a mother coin of our company’s product. The concept of SIX is “creation”. For example, for the first time of issuing FINIX tokens at the launch of Definix, people had to bring SIX to stake to get the first lot of FINIX. Now SIX is listed on top crypto exchanges in Thailand and South Korea. In the future, SIX will be used with other company’s products too.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:当然可以。在创建Definix之前,我们公司发布了一款加密货币,名为“SIX”。SIX就像我们公司产品的母币。它的概念是“创造”。例如,在Definix项目启动时首次发行FINIX代币,人们必须让6个人参与质押才能获得首批FINIX代币。现在,SIX在泰国和韩国的顶级加密货币交易所上市。将来,人们可将它与公司的其他产品一起使用。

7.?What Future Development and Plannings do you have?


Vachara Aemavat:?We think now it’s just the early days of Definix. First, we want to help people who are interested in crypto investment to invest conveniently. At the same time, we help professional traders make more money by having their own managed funds. After that, our ambition is to become “Fidelity” in the crypto world. We plan to explore the opportunities beyond our current services such as NFT assets, crypto index investment products, crypto assets loan, insurance as well as expand our current services to multiple countries around the world.

Vachara Aemavat:我们认为现在只是Definix的早期阶段。首先,我们希望帮助那些对加密货币投资感兴趣的人,让他们能方便地进行投资。与此同时,我们也帮助专业交易员通过拥有并管管理自己的基金来赚取更多的钱。之后,我们的抱负是成为加密货币界的“Fidelity”。我们计划对领域外的市场进行探索,如NFT资产、加密货币指数投资产品、加密资产贷款和保险,并将我们现有的服务扩展到世界多个国家。

8.?Definix has been spotted on CerTik security scoreboard as the top project with highest safety score so many times, even higher than the biggest player like PancakeSwap sometimes. Could you tell us about your secret sauce?


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:?Our first priority is security. Since investors believe in us and bring their money to invest on our platform, we’ve tried our best to protect their assets. Definix smart contracts have been audited by CerTik, the well-known smart contract auditor. We keep improving our codes and pushing the level of our security higher. More than that, we’re also using CerTik Skynet, the intelligence engine that keeps monitoring and providing 24/7 security analysis for our smart contracts. Everything we’ve done is for protecting your valuable assets. We think these might be the reasons behind our high score.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:安全是我们的第一要务。投资者信任我们并在我们平台进行投资,我们需尽最大努力保护他们的资产。Definix智能合约已经通过知名的智能合约审计机构CerTik的审计。我们不断改进我们的代码,并将我们的安全级别推向更高的水平。不仅如此,我们还在使用CerTik Skynet智能引擎,持续监控我们的智能合同,对其进行全天候的安全分析。我们所做的一切都是为了保护客户的宝贵资产。我们认为这些可能是我们获得高分的原因。

9.?We’ve seen a double increase in your total value of assets locked on the platform (TVL) recently. Could you tell us what happened?


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:?The cause of the double increase in TVL is the positive feedback from investors after we officially announced the utilities of FINIX to the public for the first time in Thai and Korean AMA events. We think the huge spike of TVL reflects that the investors love the utilities of the FINIX such as long term staking, voting, and other privileges. And this is the sign to tell us what we’ve done is right. Big thanks to the investors who believe and invest in Definix. Without them, we couldn’t be here.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong:TVL倍增的原因是我们在泰国和韩国AMA活动中首次正式向公众公布了FINIX的实用性,并获得了投资者的积极反馈。我们认为,TVL的大幅飙升反映出投资者喜欢FINIX的效用,如长期押注、投票和其他特权。这是一个信号,它让我们知道我们所做的事情是正确的。非常感谢支持Definix的投资者们。没有他们,我们不可能走到现在。

10.?Where to start if interested in joining Definix?


Vachara Aemavat:?We suggest you try depositing in Rebalancing Farms on Klaytn-based Definix (https://klaytn.definix.com/rebalancing). If you’re on Binance Smart Chain, you can enjoy fruitful APR in our yield farming on BSC-based Definix (https://bsc.definix.com/farm). Some of you might be very new to crypto and don’t know where to start. No worries, you can visit SIX Network international community on Telegram (https://t.me/SIXnetwork). People and admins there are very friendly and you can discuss with them. You also can follow Definix Twitter (https://twitter.com/DefinixOfficial) and Medium (https://copywriter-sixnetwork.medium.com/) too.

Vachara Aemavat: 我们建议您可以尝试在Definix(https://klaytn.definix.com/rebalancing)的再平衡矿厂进行充值。如果您使用币安智能链,可以在Definix(https://bsc.definix.com/farm)上享受丰厚的流动性挖矿年利率。你们中的一些人可能对加密货币非常陌生,不知道从哪里开始。不用担心,您可以通过电报加入Six Network国际社区(https://t.me/SIXnetwork)。那里的成员和管理员都很友好,你可以和他们讨论。你也可以关注Definix Twitter(https://twitter.com/DefinixOfficial)和Medium(https://copywriter-sixnetwork.medium.com/)。

最后感谢@[email protected] P.?来到龙葵社区,希望Definix接下来取得更加卓越的成就!

以上便是本次 AMA 的所有内容,如果你还有任何其他疑惑和见解,欢迎加入我们的社群,同时感谢以下各大媒体们的大力支持。